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  2. Read How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself 💰📙
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  4. Consider Making Big Indie Games 💰📺

1) Get ALL my free game development resources

Since releasing my game dev book, I've been talking with great game developers, learning about marketing, & writing articles that are sort of like bonus chapters.

The best part? It's all FREE, so get in there:

Game Dev Medkit
Game Dev Medkit is a collection of all-purpose assets curated to ease the pain of game development. It’s mostly intended to be used for rapid development and prototyping, but the licenses for all assets grant permission to use in any of your projects, commercial or otherwise. What’s Inside? Game…

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Game Dev Comics by Matt Hackett
Game dev comics from How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself author Matt Hackett.

Laugh & cry at my game dev comics that have earned millions of views.

2) Read How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself

Read the book that started it all! It's easy to read, dense, and packed with useful game development tips & tricks for developers of any level.

How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself

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Paperback 14.99

Check out the trailer & buy it on paperback or digital platforms.

3) Join the Valadria Discord

Time to join our friendly Discord community of chill developers. Tell us what you're up to and if you need advice or opinions on anything. Let's go! ⌨️

These are my favorite platforms: * 🐦 Twitter: @richtaur * 📺 YouTube: @Valadria * 🎮 Discord: Valadria Also these exist (and I’m learning how to use them): * LinkedIn: richtaur * Mastodon: * Instagram: richtaur * TikTok: @richtaur See you there! -Matt

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4) Consider Making Big Indie Games

Did you get all the FREE resources? There's even more here:

🛠 Building a career's worth of games industry knowledge

If you're still hungry for more, keep reading:

For devs ready for the next level. Making Big Indie Games is my first foray into game development courses. It's over an hour and twenty minutes of intimate video (and an ebook) describing my process for making big games that could change your life for the better.

Making Big Indie Games

An advanced guide for indie game developers who are ready for the next level.

Check it out

Is MBIG for you? IDK! Watch the trailer & the episode about it.

If the trailer intrigues you, move on to All about Making Big Indie Games.

Once you've made a game, promote it here

Be a noisy bird. Sing your song. Tell everyone. (from HTMAVGABY)

You made a game! That's amazing. Now post a link to it in the #self-promotion channel of the Valadria Discord. Get you some eyeballs & kind compliments!