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Valadria is dedicated to publishing games and content about making games. First up is How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself, a guide for anyone who wants to make their own video game.

Hello again, it's-a me, Matt Hackett. Maybe you've heard my voice through Lostcast. Or perhaps you've played one of my games. Either way, welcome.

It's really hard to make video games. When I was first learning how, the Internet was barely a thing, and educational resources were sparse. Today there's an overwhelming amount of information. Both of these situations come with their own challenges, and I remember the pain of not knowing how to push forward.

This is where Valadria comes in. This company is about developing and publishing games in one hand, and helping you make games in the other. As we make games and hone our craft, we learn valuable lessons and make unique tools along the way. Valadria is about sharing those lessons and tools.

Thanks for being here. If you're enamored with game development like I am, subscribe to the newsletter and I'll periodically send you game dev goodies.

-Matt Hackett (richtaur)

MATT HACKETT DEV BIO @richtaur Making games since age 12, In the games industry since 2010. My favorite game is Shining Force, or maybe A Link to the Past, no wait it's Spelunky 2!! @andraconda My amazing wife Andrea We've been married for over 11 years!! She's a Games UX expert & her favorite game is Puzzle Quest! You might know me from: How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself A Wizard's Lizard Lostcast My core competencies: Programming Art Game Design Marketing Current projects: Game: WITCHMORE Podcast: Make the Game DOGGOS!! Koopa ~12 yo Gmork ~4 yo May 2023 valadria.com