Game Dev Coaching/Consulting

Current status: Coaching/consulting is currently available.

Hi, it's-a-me, Matt Hackett. Your friendly neighborhood game developer.

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Matt Hackett
Enthusiastic, compassionate game dev coaching & consulting from Matt Hackett, author of How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself.

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I've been making video games for 30 years. I co-founded Lost Decade Games, developed A Wizard's Lizard and Indie Game Sim, co-hosted Lostcast, host Make the Game, and wrote How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself.

Now I'm turning my attention towards helping you make your own cool things.

Here's me cohosting JS GameDev Summit. Let's chat!

🎙️ Game Dev Coaching

Here's what you can expect:

  • 1-on-1 video chat about you & your goals
  • Advice from first-hand experience
  • Enthusiastic encouragement (like that found in my book)
  • A follow-up email that summarizes our chat and provides a plan

Sound good? Book me right now.

🎮 What phase of game development are you in?

Phase 1: Never made a game.

This is such a fun phase because the world is your oyster! I'll help you pick a game engine and begin to prototype your itchiest ideas. You'll improve rapidly and be amazed by what you can do!

Phase 2: Made a handful of little games.

I'll help you advance to the next level, where you have sharp game dev tools and know how to use them expertly. You'll be shipping polished games and building an audience to support your work.

Phase 3: Shipped production-ready game(s), revenue $50-$250k USD.

You've probably worked for many years to get here, so congratulations! You're now ready to get serious about branding, marketing, and building a sustainable business. This is the phase I'm currently in, and where I can offer fresh advice.

It's time to level up your game development! Book me below:

🏆 Testimonials

Here are some kind words folks had to say about my coaching / consulting:

My coaching session with Matt was great! He gave me some sound and honest advice on the game I was making at the time along with general indie advice.

We talked about the game I was making, how I was feeling about it, his honest opinion of it so far, and what I could do to get to a point where I could be both excited and proud to be working on it. We also talked about hooks, branding, and themes – things I had general ideas for and had "planned to solidify later", but still hadn't gotten around to doing or making clear in the game itself after a few years of on-and-off development. Overall, he was very supportive and encouraging.

Ultimately, it helped me realize that what I was making at the time wasn't as focused as I thought it was and that I was trying to do too much. It helped me reassess and put some things into perspective. What I'm making now is much more focused, smaller in scope, 100% doable, and something I can release within the next year. Thanks for the help, Matt!

-Jeremy Jackson

I had the great pleasure of meeting with Matt through the guided coaching. I cannot express how invaluable it was.

This is the thing to understand, wherever you are in your game dev journey, Matt's been there.

He's not going to open the door for you, but he's going to tell you how you might want to approach it, what the doorknob felt like in his hands, and what to look for on the other side.


I wanted to thank you again for your stellar advice. The advice was a huge game changer for us which led to an extremely successful GDC. We want to implement more of your suggestions, but the number one thing that we prioritized was improving our positioning.

We updated our site and our sales materials, and as a result, we are now in sales conversations with some of the biggest games in the world about using Asset Layer! So, thank you again for your help :)

-Jack Laskey

💰 Options beyond PayPal

I get it, not everyone can use PayPal. Sometimes it's their lack of support for your region, or lack of certain financial access (e.g. a credit card). Whatever the case, if you have special needs feel free to contact me.

👋 Want to know me better before committing?

Wonder what it's like to talk to me? Check out my podcast & YouTube channel, featuring audio & video of the many conversations I've had with fellow devs in the space. See also the announcement post.