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🏅Game dev coaching (limited time only)

That's right! I'm offering game dev coaching/consulting for a limited time. Let's solve your problems & ship your game!
Game Dev Coaching / Consulting, featuring Matt Hackett & Sahar Pournasseh cohosting JS GameDev Summit

It's here! As you may have heard in The Money Episode, I've been thinking about offering game dev coaching/consulting, and now I am. Check it out:

Matt Hackett
Enthusiastic, compassionate game dev coaching & consulting from Matt Hackett, author of How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself.

My coaching/consulting is offered through Calendly & PayPal. Have a look here.

My availability won't last long. I'm actively seeking a publisher for Pixel Washer, and if I find one I'll likely pause coaching. I'm also considering contract work, which would again limit my availability. So if you want me to help you propel your project forward, then double-jump on this opportunity. 🎮

Game Dev Coaching/Consulting
Current status: Coaching/consulting is available now. Hi, it’s-a-me, Matt Hackett. Your friendly neighborhood game developer. Do you need help with your game? Book me right now or read on: Matt HackettEnthusiastic, compassionate game dev coaching & consulting from Matt Hackett, author of How to Make a Video Game All By

Read all about my coaching/consulting on the new landing page.

📺 Curious what it's like to chat with me?

Fortunately there's a bunch of chatty videos to check out, including:

Hear hours & hours of my game dev thoughts on Make the Game.

Our hour-long coaching session would be a lot like those videos. Except it'll be all about you and your game! Plus, I'll follow up with an email that summarizes our talk, including relevant links & a plan to ship your game strong.

If you're interested in my coaching/consulting but it's outside of your budget, feel free to contact me. I don't bite! Perhaps we can work something out – I want to pay my bills but also help out my fellow devs whenever I can. Let's chat.

There's also the Valadria Discord where my community & I are always happy to offer encouragement & advice.

📝 Reminder: Prepare for Steam Next Fest

The next Steam Next Fest is June 10-17, 2024. The deadline to submit your game is next week, February 26th. If you're on the fence, you may as well go ahead and submit, since you can exit without penalty before the event.

Here's the link to submit your game (you must be logged in). Good luck!

60 minute video coaching/consulting - Matt Hackett
Hey it’s Matt! Let’s chat for an hour using Zoom. You’ll tell me your game dev story, then I’ll offer advice & resources to help you. (video optional)
Next week's newsletter is in the can & features a tutorial that every Steam developer must follow (seriously). Stay tuned!