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💰 The Money Episode

MONEY! Now that you're awake, let's discuss UI, "game shells", and yeah, money!
The MONEY Episode: Make the Game with Matt Hackett

Let's talk about money! Now that I have your attention, here's some other nerd stuff we're gonna tackle:

  1. 🖥️ Why user interface is critical for a successful game
  2. 🦀 How a "game shell" can catapult your games forward
  3. 💰 Money (how much my book has made, coaching?, and finding a publisher)

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I almost called it Why User Interface is Critical but it's hard to compete with "Money".

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🎬 Timeline

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:36 User Interface (UI)
  • 10:32 Configurable input
  • 21:10 Climbing the wall
  • 26:40 A "game shell"
  • 37:48 The Money Part
  • 43:02 Kickstarter(s)
  • 50:35 Coaching
  • 53:06 Outro
Here's me wishing I had the time to make a whole video instead of just a photo.

✍️ Show Notes

"that's impossible" -me, an over-scoping, genre-hopping idiot

📙 Watch this book review by BiteMe Games

Hey lookit that: BiteMe Games featured my book on their very popular game dev channel. My thanks to Marnix and everyone who let me know about it. Give it a watch and let 'em know Matt sentcha!

🔥 Game Dev Difficulty Tiers (FIRE edition)

It's fun to see folks enjoying these again! Here's evidence that reposting your "old" stuff is often a good idea. Many people didn't see it the first time!

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