Game Dev Medkit

Game Dev Medkit Info

Game Dev Medkit is a collection of all-purpose assets curated to ease the pain of game development. It's mostly intended to be used for rapid development and prototyping, but the licenses for all assets grant permission to use in any of your projects, commercial or otherwise.

What's Inside?

Game development goodies:

  • Examples: experiment with A* pathfinding and a tilemap editor.
  • Snippets: common game programming tasks demonstrated in JavaScript.
  • Sprites: classic and modern sprites organized by perspective.
  • Sounds: 24 handy public domain sounds organized by usage.
  • 3D Models: fundamental primitives for building 3D objects.

Add Game Dev Medkit to your arsenal and you'll be prepared for game jams, have placeholders readily available, and be able to quickly experiment with new ideas.

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