Witchmore is a new video game in development by Matt Hackett.

You are a witch living near a quiet village.

Do you choose to live peacefully with nature?

Or do you steal your neighbor's children to sacrifice them for powerful magic?

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Witchmore features

  • 🎃 Witchcraft (brooms, ghosts, cauldrons, curses, and black magic)
  • 🗡️ Dark themes like kidnapping, murder, and sacrifice
  • 🖼️ Realtime 2D overhead gameplay
  • 🎨 Hand-drawn sprites (with very little animation)
  • 🎛 Player in control at all times (no cut scenes, no long dialogs)
  • 🎮️ Simple inputs (move, run, interact, pick up, use, put down)
  • ⚒️ Crafting system (create poison apples, shovels, wands, and more)
  • 🌅 Day/night cycle

Elevator pitch

Witchmore lets you decide if you want to be a good witch in the woods harvesting mushrooms or an evil witch invading villages to kidnap children.

Development tools

  • Unity (game engine)
  • Visual Studio Code (programming)
  • Clip Studio Paint (art)
  • git (version control)

Planned platforms

As many as possible; by necessity I will begin with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Release date

When it's ready.

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The Witchmore press kit contains transparent promotional images, screenshots, and a recipe for roast toad with bat. (Only one of these is a lie.)

See also the Valadria press kit or contact me directly.