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How limitations set you free

Limitations breed creativity! Let's discuss how to apply limits to your work to unleash its potential.
How limitations set you free with Matt Hackett

Can I be honest with you? I've over-scoped again. Again! Let me explain.

As you hopefully know already I launched a new podcast, Make the Game! It's early still but I've been wanting to do this for years and am super pumped about it.

It's on Spotify and Apple Podcasts yada yada but I also wanted to upload the podcasts to YouTube because why not, right? Which of course led me to over-scoping the whole thing by adding drawings and additional editing work.

I'm supposed to know better, ya know? I wrote about this in my book and frankly I keep over-scoping almost everything I touch. It's a problem.

I love this quote from MikadoSC:

"every time I go into the over-engineering pitfall, I noticed that I tend to complicate stuff, then stop the project. The book act as anchor to complete."

Same, friend. Same. I just wanted a new podcast in the vein of Lostcast, but instead I'm making a 30-minute video series. Oops!

The good news is you've got a sweet video to watch featuring hand-drawn visuals and hey that's pretty cool. What do you think: is it worth it? Be honest! The view counts are low now and will be for a while but I'm playing a long game here.

Additionally, I started working on a new video game! If you're reading this from your inbox, scroll down for (SECRET) info! (I'm totally not ready to be doing that yet but I'm doing it anyway.)

I'd write more about today's episode, How limitations set you free, but to be honest, I'm beat! Hope you dig the show, I'm gonna go nap šŸ›ļø

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