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πŸ”₯ The Unity Debacle

Unity *sigh* what are you doing?? Let's talk it out, as well as owning your game dev tools.
Unity Debacle

Podcast time! Short and angry. Also, somehow, chill! Hot and cold today.

Lots to offer in this brand new episode of Make the Game:

  1. Unity's new fee structure
  2. Owning your own tools
  3. JS GameDev Summit
  4. Pixel Washer
  5. Game music

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πŸ“ Show Notes

🎧 Music

🐷 Pixel Washer DEMO

Lots of new stuff cookin' in the Pixel Washer demo! Play v0.8.0 in your browser.

Wanna commiserate about Unity's changes? Join the Valadria Discord.