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🚫 No Stacking

No stacking! Find a way to get to the front of the line.
No Stacking with Matt Hackett

🎙️​ OK, so I was going to podcast. Simply talk into the microphone for an hour, upload an MP3 file to Spotify, and call it done. But then I, a fool, turned on my camera, set up some lights, and recorded a video.

THEN I felt the need to spend a whole-ass day editing the video (to reduce time spent staring at my face), and here we are: a 37-minute long video with me rambling about GDC, telling a loooong story about getting some cash, and complaining about how hard it is to set goals. Yup, it's podcast time!

📺 Watch the video

I still need ~438 watch hours to "monetize" (554 last time). 📈

🎧 Listen to the podcast

This episode was supposed to be a podcast! So listening to it works just fine. However, without video you'll be missing out on B-roll I've been meaning to use for years, and zero-budget emoji-based animations. 😱🧜‍♀️🧑‍🎤🐷👍

🎬 Timeline

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:05 GDC 2024
  • 7:27 No Stacking
  • 25:21 Goals
  • 34:51 Outro

🐷 Pixel Washer pocket "GDC Video"

I'll be talking to lots of folks next week. If we talk long enough, I'm sure to mention Pixel Washer, my upcoming game about washin' pixels.

Instead of lugging around my Steam Deck to let folks play, I decided to whip up a little trailer instead. It'll be on my phone, so I made it vertical (1080x1920) to avoid any mobile wonkiness. Hopefully it's a quick & easy way for people to "get it" and we can get back to the talking. Ya know, like people.


Our little piggy just earned over 800 wishlists. It's a start! Help me get there. 🐷

Coming soon: I don't think I can help myself. I'm going to be recording vlog-style video during my trip, and I doubt I'll be able to resist stitching it all together in a "How my GDC went" type of video. Look for it soon!