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🎬 Making great game trailers with Derek Lieu

Nobody knows more about game trailers than Derek Lieu. Let's pick his brain and soak up game trailer wisdom!
Game Trailers with Derek Lieu

Game trailers are one of the most critical components of a successful game.

That's why you've gotta hear this conversation with game trailer expert Derek Lieu, who has worked on hits like Among Us, Dead Cells, Subnautica, Half-Life: Alyx, Tunic, Psychonauts 2, Ooblets, Firewatch, Viewfinder, Noita, and ...

Spelunky 2. 🐍🦇 (my favorite game)

We're talking about

  1. Getting into making game trailers
  2. The kinds of trailers (and what they're for)
  3. What gameplay should you include?
  4. Advanced game trailer problems
  5. Branding & marketing

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📺 Watch the Spelunky 2 video (8:00)

Oh you know I couldn't resist the opportunity to ask Derek about his work on Spelunky 2! So naturally there's a special edit of that part of our conversation:


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