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❄️ Chilled-out gamedev with Tiled

Experience some real-life game dev with me & Tiled, the open source map editor.
Pigxel the pig with the Tiled map editor logo

Familiar with Tiled, the legendary open source map editor? I love it. For years I've wanted to build a project using it, and now with Pixel Washer, I get to. Bliss.

In the most recent Make the Game episode, I talked about maaaaybe streaming some game dev. But timing is hard to figure out so instead I made a video:

📺 Watch the video

This video is all about the new basketball level in Pixel Washer. In about 20 minutes I add collision, "shiners", and grime to all the map's entities. Come hang out while I tell stories about my game dev process:

Is this fun to watch? It's impossible to know.

👾 Let's Get Pixel Washing! by Mega Cat Studies

Time for even more pixels! Reese from Mega Cat Studios recently interviewed me about Pixel Washer. Thanks Reese! Prepare for great questions like:

  • What was development like?
  • What did you learn about yourself through this game?
  • What makes this game special?
  • Any fun stories or wild moments during development?
  • Bottom line why must someone play this game?
Let’s get Pixel Washing! 🫧
Hold onto your squeegees - we’re diving into another sparkling Pixel Spotlight interview! This time, we’re scrubbing up next to Matt Hackett, the pixel-polishing powerhouse behind

I love that they matched the Pixel Washer font! So cool. Read it here.

🎨 Hand-drawn illustrations available

For the annual art event Inktober this year, I drew a handful of illustrations from my book How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself. Now they can be yours, for a price so low it would make a freelance illustrator scold me:

  1. 🎮 Same Game (page 13)
  2. 🏔 You Are Here (page 169)
  3. 🍔 Finish, Improve (page 183)
  4. 👁️ Please the Senses (page 99)

Each illustration comes with a signed paperback book (only 5 of those left, BTW). Here's what they look like:

There's only 1 of each, because I only drew 1 of each. So get 'em while they're hot!

Coming soon: IDK man it's the end of the year & I'm sleepy. I hope 2023 has treated you well. How's it going with your game? Talk about it in our chill Discord for game devs. 🎮💬